What exactly is a 'trillion' dollars?

What with unfunded liabilities, pensions, entitlements, etc, exceeding 100 trillion dollars,
and the national debt at over 90% GDP,
what the hell IS a trillion, and what does it look like?
Ok, its one million million for one thing.
1 million people with 1 million dollars each.
Or the entire world population(app. 6 billion people) having about $155.
Or every man, woman and child in America owing over $3,000.00.
Thats ONE trillion.

We are fast approaching 14 trillion in debt right now....
Every single person in the United States is now on the hook
for over $42,000.00!
That does not even take into account what we each also owe as
individuals on our house, car, banks and credit cards!
Sinking in yet?

How is this:
1 Trillion seconds is over 31.6 thousand years...
Neanderthals roamed the Earth a trillion seconds ago
1 trillion hours is over 109 million years...
Dinosaurs roamed the planet a trillion hours ago
1 trillion days is over 2.7 BILLION years...
Dinosaurs wouldn't even exist for another
2.5 BILLION years a trillion days ago!
14 trillion days ago the Universe didn't even exist yet...
It would still be another 24 BILLION years before the Big Bang!
Light travels at 186,212 miles per second...
It would take 2.3 years for light to travel 14 trillion miles
That is over half way to our nearest star, Alpha Centuri!
If you stacked $1 bills on top of each other, the current
national debt would stand over 950 THOUSAND miles tall...
That is 4 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon!
The planet has app. 6 billion people.
Many claim we are overcrowded already.
14 TRILLION people would fully populate another


Earth sized planets!

How about this...
The Earth, according to science, is about
4.5 Billion years old.
That equals 1,643,625,000,000 days.
(1.64 Trillion)
Which means if God had saved $8.50 a day since the
Earth was FORMED,
He would have saved enough to bail us out of our current debt

How about looking at it in terms of area...
14 trillion dollar bills would completely
cover up the state of New York.
Or all the following states combined:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Yellowstone Park has an area of about 3,472 square miles,
or 2,221,766 square acres.
It would take 4,032,258,064(4 Billion) parks the
size of Yellowstone to equal 14 trillion square miles.
The entire land surface of the planet is only
58 million square miles.
It would take 244,290 earth type planets to equal 14 trillion
The universe itself is estimated by science
to be 13.75 Billion years old.
If we had spent $1,000.00 a year since
the very beginning of time
we would have spent SLIGHTLY LESS than what we
currently owe as a Nation.

How about in inches?
1,647,360,000 inches will circle the planet at the equator.
We would circle the planet 8,500 times if we moved
14 Trillion inches.

How about by the square inch?
About the size of a postage stamp, more or less.
14 Trillion square inches would completely
cover Yellowstone National Park.
Sinking in yet?

How about a bank money counting machine.
Counts bills at 1,000 bills per minute.
Using 1,000 dollar bills
it would take TWO machines
running 24/7
almost a full YEAR
to simply count out that much money.
Or one machine running non-stop for 694.4 days.

Now I ask you,
do you think maybe we have a little problem
on our hands with our government
dollar debt every minute of every day?

Over 120 BILLION dollars is currently being
ADDED to our national debt every single MONTH.

By special request, one more example...
If every person ON THE PLANET donated one penny per day, it would take over
638 years to pay off our National Debt.
To pay off our unfunded liabilities it would take almost
5,000 additional years!

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